All Spots For The Cabo Mastermind on December 11th-12th Have Been Taken, But There's Still Hope...

Jason Fladlien here again, we decided to do something drastic. Since the Cabo Mastermind we announced sold out faster than most people even got to know or hear about it... we were faced with a tough choice.

We either turn away people who absolutely want to come because they know how advantageous it would be to their business...

Or we open up another mastermind...

Great news - we called the Resort last night, negotiated out an extended contract and we are pleased to announce we're opening up a second Cabo Mastermind!

You're Invited To Join 35 Extraordinary Sellers On December 14th & 15th To Plot Your Total Amazon & ECommerce Domination

Plus I'll Arm You With The Greatest Unfair Advantage You Could Ever Hope To Have When It Comes To Selling On Amazon!

My goal is simple, modest and easy to obtain. I want to make you at least $198,000 heading into the 2016 holiday season. Normally such a goal is challenging, yet I have a secret weapon.

This weapon, once you have access to it, allows you to...

Best of all, it leaves no trace. Your competitors (and Amazon) will have no clue how you're able to go into any market with any product and land it at the top for hundreds of different, valuable keywords.

There's one gigantic problem, though...

The fewer people who use this tool, the better. In other words, it doesn't matter what I sell this tool for, I have to strictly limit how many people we allow to use it.

I have plenty of people who are probably reading this letter at this very moment who would eagerly and happily pay $100,000 for this tool. No Joke. Why? Because they would recoup that investment in less than a month of usage.

In fact, the plan is when we do open this tool up to our OPP Masters next year we will never let more than 150 people use it!

So why I am I willing to give you 12 months access to this tool for free once you join me here...

It's simple - this holiday season is shaping up to be the biggest in Amazon's history, and I want to help you... if you're the right fit... take the most advantage of it.

Listen - there is a lot of posturing going on right now for all these so-called Amazon gurus saying they're better than us. While it's false, instead of making claims, I figured I'd just put my money where my mouth is... and make millionaires instead.

When you join us in Cabo -- not only will you get 12 months of the single greatest tool for Amazon selling that you CAN'T buy currently... you'll be surrounded by 34 smart, successful Amazon and eCommerce sellers who have been prepped in advanced to make this the best mastermind ever.

Several Spots Have Already Been Claimed From Those Who Missed The First Cabo Mastermind Announcement!

At the beginning of the week we announced our Cabo Mastermind in December of 2016 -- and we promptly sold out in less than 2 1/2 days - all 35 spots. Due to demand... and customers begged us to offer another Cabo - we've booked two more days and opened up 35 additional spots.

When you join us you'll be sitting next to Amazon millionaires... some of whom do over $1,000,000+ in sales on Amazon in a single month!

How do I know these people will be in the room? First, anybody who does around or over $100,000 a month on Amazon will flock to this opportunity. Why? Because for them one teeny, weenie, little secret they pick up over the mastermind in Cabo will easily be worth 20 times their investment.

Second, after we just sold out the previous Cabo Mastermind - a lot of high profile Amazon sellers contacted us because they wanted to come. So they'll be at this Cabo Mastermind.

Plus We're Doing Something That EVERY Cabo Mastermind Attendee Is Going To Absolutely Love!

All Cabo attendees are under a strict NDA. Everyone shared by attendees stays behind closed doors, only between attendees.

Since we're already going to have a full Cabo Mastermind taken place a few days before yours... where I'm going to get at least 15 formal presentations from members sharing the best of what's working in their eCommerce business...

Secrets Resort In San Cabo Lucas, Mexico
Arrive on December 13th. Depart on the 16th.
Your ride to and from the airport will be arranged for you!
Hotel, transportation to and from the airport, meals and drink are included with your investment!

Guess what? Since we're going to share the slides of those presentations with the attendees in a way where we can track who sees what and who gets access...

I can and will extend access of those previous presentations to you as well. And vice versa - all Cabo Mastermind attendees are going to get to experience and see first hand at least 15 formal presentations from other attendees...

As well as, get the slides from the 15+ other presentations happening in the other Cabo Mastermind. This is like getting two masterminds for the price of one!

Arrive by the 13th of December at the Secrets Resort in San Cabo Lucas, Mexico. Your $9900 investment includes the mastermind, the hotel itself, and all the food and drink you can consume. Only guests 18 or older are allowed at the Secrets Resort, so no children running around!

I've stayed in some of the nicest places around the world and the aptly named Secrets Resort ranks right there at the top with the best of them.

The Schedule

On the evening of December 13th, we will be having a little mixer to informally introduce ourselves and enjoy the beautiful hotel. It's a great way to make friends with the other attendees. Plus the ideas shared just at this informal little mixer will delight you!

Then the next two days we start at 9:00 AM and go until 6:00 PM. We take breaks and have plenty of time to network in the evenings!

Below is an example of the form you'll fill out to aid us in making your mastermind experience the best one ever!

What specific problem(s) would you love us to solve for you at the Cabo Mastermind?

What have you done well in your business that would be beneficial to share with others?

What takes up most of your time on a day to day basis in your eCommerce Business?

What things have been on your to-do list to implement that you haven’t been able to get around to doing yet?

If there was one limitation you’re currently facing that we could magically make go away with the wave of a wand, what would that be?

Prior to the event, I'll have already taken the time to know your biggest challenges, opportunities, strengths and weaknesses.

I'll have done the same for every other person in the room as well. I will pinpoint the best secrets from other attendees, so you'll get the best of the best of what's working right now in their business. I will also connect with you to find out the thing you can share with the group, and if there is something super valuable, I'll help you prep to share it so everyone can get the most value.

If you don't want to share then the choice is simple: don't come

This is a mastermind for people who are abundant minded and know the best way to help yourself is to help others. Now, if you're willing and eager to share but aren't sure what to share and how to share it, that's no big deal. That is where I will come in and help you.

In addition, I obviously will open up wide and free exactly the latest greatest stuff that is working in our Amazon business as well as the businesses we have equity in that are just crushing it!

Plus, we'll be doing hot seats...

So you can apply to have your listing optimized in front of the whole room. After the sessions are over, we'll break for dinner and meet up later for drinks where the alcohol will flow freely and you can relax and have fun or continue to connect with the other masterminders.

In Cabo, we work hard and play hard!

Best of all, you can benefit from signing up for the Cabo Mastermind before it begins. On November 1st, I will be doing a private webinar just for Cabo Mastermind attendees. During this webinar, I'll show you exactly how to use our special secret tool.

You'll discover step by step how to use our special tool to rank quicker, easier and more effectively than ever before.. to manipulate the frequently bought together to double the sales any product regardless of where it ranks in Amazon's search results... to do "relaunch" campaigns, flash sales and more!

Card image cap
You'll get access to the single greatest tool an Amazon seller could ever hope to have on November 2nd. You can use this to make more than your investment back before arriving at Cabo!

This means you can use this tool to take advantage of the upcoming Holiday rush - which is suppose to be the biggest in Amazon history!

Listen: I'll stake my whole reputation as an individual as well as the reputation of my company that just by having access to this tool you can easily make your investment back tenfold before you even set foot in Cabo!

And then, in Cabo, well... you go for millions!

If you think you can sit this Cabo out and wait for the next one, that's a risk I wouldn't recommend you take. It's been well over a year since the last Cabo.

We also ran a mastermind in 2015 called the Collective for $25,000... where we did 6 mini-masterminds a year. I shut that down because, frankly, I don't want to travel that much!

For the Collective, even though it was $25,000 -- we had a waiting list of people who were ready to cut a check for that much who we had to turn around because we were filled at capacity. We had maxed on the strict limit we put on that mastermind, as we do with all masterminds - and when we reach it - we don't let anyone else in.

Simple as that! First come, first served - and it will serve you well to sign up for Cabo right now.

Your investment: $9900

Only A Few Spots Left. Last Chance!

Remember in the opening paragraph when I said my goal is to make you $198,000?

I arrived at the number because that is 20 times your investment to join us in Cabo. With my special secret weapon, you'll get access to on November 2nd, you could be able to go over $200,000 in additional profits before Cabo even begins! That's what we're bringing to this table this go around.

This is the 18th(!) Ecom Mastermind I've ran...

...and I've gotten it down to a science.

There isn't a person alive who has led more top level Amazon masterminds than I have, and you know what I bring to the table in terms of my abilities and who I attract. You'll be surrounded by so much success that the only result is - you walk away a better seller, a better business person and just flat out a better person overall since you'll be able to provide more value to the customers you serve.

Part of the secret of this Mastermind, and why I know it will be the best we've ever done is the onboarding process that occurs before the Mastermind takes place.

This is an example of the questions I'll have you answer ahead of Cabo so I can come up with the best 15 presentations for members to share at the mastermind!

What's something you can show us that if we did it just ONCE, it would make us an extra $10,000 or more?

What could we implement between day 1 and day 2 in our business that would have an immediate impact?

If you had a "stupid human trick" in your business, what would you say it is?

What crushed it for you that you have neglected to explore further?

What else can you share with us to 20x the investment of the other mastermind attendees?

First, you'll fill out this simple form here - which helps us figure out what the greatest opportunity and greatest challenge you face in growing your business at least 10x in the next year!

Second, for your own benefit, I'll make you isolate the things that have worked the best in your business to get you where you're at right now. This is valuable because often a quick assessment like this will give you an ah-ha moment of what you're currently neglecting that if you just focus on it a tiny bit - will immediately award you with a surge of profit.

At the same time, this will allow me to know and help you prepare for sharing with the group at large.

When it's all said and done, before the event starts I will have isolated 15 different, powerful successful secrets that Amazon sellers in the room are currently doing, and will know who to call on for what and have them prepared to share in advance.

Yes, 15+ Formal Presentations For Mastermind Members Will Be Shared!

We started doing this approach at the tail end of our $25,000 Collective mastermind, and the results are staggering.

Also important is, since I know what your challenges are based on the onboarding form, I will know who to refer you to in the mastermind who has the solution already figured out. By facilitating these connections, I'll make it the simplest thing for you to connect with the right people in the room to help you out the most. And I'll know who these people are and what they offer before anyone has even shown up in Cabo!

Your investment: $9900

Only A Few Spots Left. Last Chance!

Remember when you sign up, you get access to our secret tool for 12 whole months. This is our biggest advantage we have on Amazon. Plus, we're updating it as we uncover new, powerful applications.

In other words, I'm open to any additions you'd like us to add to the tool! Of course, you get full access for 12 months, and then if you want to keep using it you can pay what everyone else will be paying, which is $1,000 per month.

You'll be happy to pay for it at that point, but why not get $12,000 worth of usage for FREE when you sign up for the Cabo Mastermind now?

Customer Questions

Can I bring a business partner with me?

Yes as long as you have a legitimate business entity formed with them. Due to our strict limit of space, there is no incentive for us to offer a discount -- however, there is value in bringing a business partner. Total investment for you and a business partner is $15,867. Please contact support to arrange payment.

What does 'all inclusive' mean?

It means that as part of your investment hotel, food, drink and even transportation to and from the hotel is included. The only other things you are responsible for, beyond the investment, is the airfare or travel to get to Cabo, plus a valid and up to date passport (if in the US) or the proper requirements to enter Mexico if you are not a US citizen.

Will I have to sign a Non-Disclosure?

You bet! You will not be allowed into the event without agreeing that anything you learn at the Cabo Mastermind is under a strict and enforced non-disclosure agreement. We will be sharing sensitive information related to our business as well as the cutting edge stuff that we don't want anyone else outside the room knowing about.

How to do I access your secret ranking tool?

On November 1st I will be doing a training on exactly how to use the tool. The next day you'll get web access to use the tool. You get full access to the tool for free until November 2nd 2017. At that time if you want to continue to use it, you can for $1,000 per month and you can cancel it at any time.

What if I'm unsure if I'll add value to the mastermind?

First, if you're doing at least $10,000 a month on Amazon on average, I guarantee I'll be able to extract something valuable the group at large can share. If you're still unsure, contact support and I will tell you honestly whether you should come or not. Just do so quickly as when spots are filled, this offer is closed.

Is Amazon The Only Focus?

Not exactly. While we will be sharing a lot of Amazon tricks, we're also going to deep dive into other 3rd party market places, Shopify and other powerful retail models and arbitrage opportunities due to the vast expertise that will be in the room at Cabo!

Your investment: $9900

Only A Few Spots Left. Last Chance!