Do You Have What It Takes To Be Part Of The BEST Amazon Mastermind Yet?

Wilson Mattos here with a BIG announcement for Amazon Sellers...

It's been almost one year since we hosted our last Mastermind, and that event made the attendees a lot of money! In the past we would run masterminds several times per year, but we simply have not had the chance to host one yet... but now it's time!

We are going back to Cabo San Lucas to put on the most incredible mastermind ever for Amazon Sellers... with a twist (more on this shortly)...

If you had attended the last Cabo event with us, you could have learned and profited from...

...and those are only the beginning of hacks and tricks that Cabo Mastermind attendees walked away with.

Any one of those tricks would, for 9 out of 10 Amazon businesses, easily make you $50,000 or more in net profit over the next year.

Should You Attend?

The real question isn't whether should you come to our next Cabo Mastermind, it's Are You The Right Fit?

This upcoming mastermind will be the 22nd(!) Amazon mastermind conducted by Rapid Crush. To my knowledge, no one else comes even close to having championed this many high-end masterminds.

And I think after 20+ masterminds, we have perfected the formula for running the best Amazon mastermind on the planet.

What is it?

It starts with the number of attendees we will let in: 35 businesses - no more. We keep it small and intimate to guarantee that everyone gets way more out of it than what they pay to get in.

But that's common knowledge. Everyone knows that's how you should do masterminds.

The hard part is expertly extracting all the valuable knowledge out of the attendees in that room over a two day period.

I know this firsthand. We've run masterminds in the past where almost everyone in the room was an Amazon millionaire, and it was like pulling nails to figure out the secrets these Amazon sellers knew.

On the flip side, when we finally figured out the perfect mastermind approach, we could run a room full of only slightly successful Amazon sellers and it would still reveal nuggets that even the savviest Amazon sellers would kill to have access to.

Here's What Makes This The Best Amazon Mastermind On The Planet...

Prior to showing up, you'll be required to fill out two forms. The first form is designed to uncover three things:

  1. What's something you can show us that if we did it just ONCE, it would make us an extra $10,000 or more?

  2. What could we implement between day 1 and day 2 in our business that would have an immediate impact?

  3. What crushed it for you that you have neglected to explore further?

On the surface, most Amazon sellers aren't sure they have an answer to all three or even one of those three questions.

But if you've sold even just a few thousand units on Amazon, I guarantee you have something you're doing that other attendees would love to know more about.

The reality is even a slight innovation or deviation from the normal approach to Amazon selling can lead to massive breakthroughs.

A 1% increase that takes a few minutes to implement means at least an extra $10,000 in a million dollar Amazon business.

The answers to this first form will then be used to create your presentation, which you'll submit shortly before coming to Cabo. This is required.

When the first day starts, we'll have 35 presentations we can pick and choose from have presented to the audience.

The second form helps me determine which of those 35 presentations I'll call upon.

This form focuses on the things that currently get in the way of massive growth in your Amazon business. Once you answer this form, I'll know...

  1. What specific problem(s) you would love for us to solve for you at the Cabo Mastermind.

  2. What things have been on your to-do list to implement that you haven't been able to get around to doing yet.

  3. If there was one limitation you're currently facing that we could magically make go away with the wave of a wand, what would that be?

By the time you leave the Cabo Mastermind, not only will you be armed up to your ears with things that take only minutes to implement, but add tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars to your bottomline...

You'll also finally be freed up from the frustrations and challenges that currently get in the way of you enjoying the increased fortunes you will soon be making in your business.

Secrets revealead during the presentations of the last Cabo Mastermind

Our goal this time around is to TOP these secrets!

An Unintended Consequence Of This Unique Approach!

Almost every mastermind suffers the same problem - people hate to network.

Most of us consider ourselves to be introverts, and it's hard to, in a room filled with complete strangers, be eager and open to masterminding with each other. It can be awkward!

You know what happens when you get 16 people giving presentations over a 2 day period? It gives you plenty of conversation starters.

If you want to improve your new product launch process, it's simple - when someone shares how they did it, during a break you can go up to them and ask them to expand on an idea, or answer a question you had or just give further insight.

Basically, it makes masterminding actually occur, where people easily become fast friends that turn into lifelong business connections!

it all starts when you join us here

Secrets Puerto Los Cabos Resort In Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Arrive December 3 and Depart on December 7, 2017.
Your ride to and from the airport in Cabo will be arranged for you!
Hotel, transportation to and from the airport, meals and drinks are included with your investment!

The Schedule

On the evening of December 3rd, we will be having a little mixer to informally introduce ourselves and enjoy the beautiful resort. It's a great way to make friends with the other attendees. Plus the ideas shared just at this informal little mixer will delight you!

Then, the next three days we start at 9:00 AM and go until 5:00 PM. We take breaks and have plenty of time to network in the evenings!

Prior to the event, I'll have already taken the time to know your biggest challenges, opportunities, strengths, and weaknesses.

I'll have done the same for every other person in the room as well. I will pinpoint the best secrets from other attendees, so you'll get the best of the best of what's working right now in their business. I will also connect with you to find out the thing you can share with the group, and if there is something super valuable, I'll help you prep to share it so everyone can get the most value.

If You Don't Want To Share, Then The Choice Is Simple: Don't Come

This is a mastermind for people who are abundant-minded and know the best way to help yourself is to help others. Now, if you're willing and eager to share, but aren't sure what to share and how to share it, that's no big deal. That is where I will come in and help you.

In addition, we will obviously open up wide and share freely exactly the latest and greatest stuff working in our businesses, as well as the businesses we have equity in that are just crushing it!

If you think you can sit this Cabo out and wait for the next one, that's a risk I wouldn't recommend you take. The last Cabo sold out so quickly, it wasn't even funny, and this is the only one I have on my schedule to do -- quite frankly, I travelled too much this past year and I'm drastically limiting how often I get on a plane next year.

First come, first served - and it will serve you well to sign up for Cabo right now.

Your investment: $7,500

Only A Few Spots Left. Last Chance!

What else can you expect? Well, I think we're going to top the breakthroughs that were shared at the last Cabo mastermind, including...

We've made even further advancements in how we get the presentations assembled and who we have present... and how they present. That's why I know we'll easily surpass the previous Cabo Mastermind with this upcoming mastermind:

Your investment: $7,500

Only A Few Spots Left. Last Chance!

Plus We're Doing Something That EVERY Cabo Mastermind Attendee Is Going To Absolutely Love!

Once the first presentation is done, guess what happens? We drop it into a shared Dropbox folder that you get a link and password to access. Then the second presenter goes up and when they're finished - boom! That presentation immediately shows up in that shared Dropbox folder.

Not only will you get immediate access to each and every one of the presentations that will be done over the two day mastermind... you'll also get additional goodies in that special Dropbox folder, such as...

All Cabo attendees are under a strict NDA. Everything shared by attendees stays behind closed doors, only between attendees and will not be shared anywhere else.

Who Shouldn't Come?

Often, we get people who are concerned if they can bring value to the mastermind. These are usually the best people that show up to the Mastermind because their mindset is in the right place.

What's the wrong mindset?

Who Should Come?

While the average attendee at our last Cabo Mastermind was doing about $10,000 to $25,000 a month... we had a lot of six figure per month Amazon sellers in there, some 7-figured sellers, as well as others who were at the $3,000 to $10,000/mo mark.

The reality is everyone who was in that room belonged there because, regardless of how much revenue they were currently doing, they shared the following commonalities:

Your investment: $7,500

Only A Few Spots Left. Last Chance!

And Now... THE TWIST

For the past year, I have been working with one of the smartest business people I have ever met. His name is Shawn Hart and I have spend almost all of 2017 working on different projects with him. I even went to China with him 4 times!

While he loves Amazon and makes a lot of money there (millions per month!), he has more active businesses than I can count on my fingers and toes!

I have convinced Shawn and his business partner Seth, to co-host this mastermind with us and share their top Amazon secrets with you (and how they sell millions per month on Amazon), but I want to do one better...

Remember when I said at the top of this page I was going to outdo every other mastermind you have ever attended? Here's how...

We are going to focus on Amazon for the first two days... then on the third day, Shawn is going to share with you specific details of other physical products business models he profits massively from.

He has made tens of millions of dollars over the years selling physical products in more ways than I can count and he is going to share models with you that are going to blow your mind... and fill your wallet!

Just one of the recent models yielded over $33,000 in sales in less than 6 hours in a little town outside of Atlanta, Georgia. The best part of it is anyone can do it, and it is repeatable.

You already know how to source physical products. Why would you restrict yourself to only selling on Amazon?

I guarantee you nobody has ever shown you some of the stuff he will be showing you, so get ready to augment your Amazon business and diversify!

Plus a HUGE Bonus

Shawn just came back from China, and over a 3 day period, he sourced over 200 products to sell this holiday season, as he will share during our third day!

When you attend this Cabo event, we will share with you the exclusive footage of exactly what products Shawn sourced and how he sourced them. This will be raw and uncut footage so you can see exactly how he does it. Nothing held back.

As you know, we have been taking customers to China (perhaps you have been with me) and teaching exactly how to source products. Now, you will also get to see Shawn in practice, as he puts my almost two decades of experience to use in front of the camera!

This bonus alone is worth twice what you will invest in this Cabo event!

Customer Questions

Can I bring a business partner with me?

Yes, as long as you have a legitimate business entity formed with them. Due to our strict limit of space, there is no incentive for us to offer a discount -- however, there is value in bringing a business partner. Total investment for you and a business partner is $11,995. Please contact support to arrange payment.

What does 'all-inclusive' mean?

It means that as part of your investment hotel, food, drinks and even transportation to and from the airport/hotel is included. The only other things you are responsible for, beyond the investment, is the airfare or travel to get to Cabo, plus a valid and up-to-date passport (if in the US) or the proper requirements to enter Mexico, if you are not a US citizen.

Will I have to sign a Non-Disclosure?

You bet! You will not be allowed into the event without agreeing that anything you learn at the Cabo Mastermind is under a strict and enforced non-disclosure agreement. We will be sharing sensitive information related to our business, as well as the cutting-edge stuff that we don't want anyone else outside the room knowing about.

What If I don't want to do a presentation?

Then you shouldn't come. It is our firm belief that the more you share the more you get in return. Frankly I'd rather have the spot go to someone who is willing to contribute. It's this type of attitude that made our last Cabo Mastermind legendary!

What if I'm unsure if I'll add value to the mastermind?

First, if you're doing at least $10,000 a month on Amazon on average, I guarantee I'll be able to extract something valuable the group at large can share. If you're still unsure, contact support and I will tell you honestly whether you should come or not. Just do so quickly as when spots are filled, this offer is closed.

Is Amazon The Only Focus?

Primarily, but not totally... we're also likely to deep dive into other 3rd party market places, Shopify, and other powerful retail models and arbitrage opportunities due to the vast expertise that will be in the room at Cabo! Make sure you read my "TWIST" above for the goodies that await you on the 3rd day!

Your investment: $7,500

Only A Few Spots Left. Last Chance!

P.S. when this mastermind fills up, the page you are on now will be replaced with this:

The point is you must act right now. There is no delaying, waiting or thinking it over. That's the kiss of death in your business and you know it. Act now because we can sell out at any moment. Sign up now.